Subscription Management System

For any Telecom Operator or Content Provider, streamlined Subscription Management System is essential to their business. mApps Subscription Management System is fully convergent solution for real-time services provisioning on different core network nodes, subscriber life cycle management for all VAS services and extensive reporting. This system helps the operator to decouple their VAS nodes billing and subscription from the core network, thereby defining flexible rating and charging rules, discounts, promotions, subscriptions and provisioning for all VAS services through a single common interface.

Inbuilt-SMS reporting system for service monitoring

1. Seamless & end-to-end management of all subscription services across all Mobile VAS platform.

2. A flexible platform with open API’s to connect multiple Telco & CP’s platforms

Subscription over multiple channel - SMS, WAP or Voice
Strengths: Subscription, Renewal & Churn across
Subscriber profiling for retention and engagement.
Ease of use for Administration
Third party CP integration with OPEN APIs
Intelligent CRM
Support for both Manual and Automated
On the FLY service creation with configurable rules & messages
In built micro-charging/partial billing rules for content download
GUI based customer care
Content Delivery Dashboard
Periodic charging, Package deal, Discount & Day/Week pass