SMS Gateway

We offer SMS Gateway and services to customers. Our SMS Gateways are capable to deliver maximum features that support current trends. Our system is capable to handle all types of SMS Delivery – Transactional or Priority SMS, Mobile Marketing or Bulk SMS Campaigns, A2P & A2A SMS delivery.

Transactional or Priority SMS:

Critical applications or services like On-line Stock trading, Market updates, Registration with SMS/E-Mail verification to share the verification codes for sign-in, Two-level authentication in Banking transactions etc, prefers Transactional SMS services. Transactional SMS Gateways are highly applicable for the businesses which react on instant delivery of information, also are tuned for high quality & attention and obviously the service rates.

Mobile Marketing campaigns or Bulk SMS:

With the advent of SMS Marketing or E-Marketing, SMS has an incomparable role and thus Bulk SMS has its own position. Our Bulk SMS services helps a vendor to reach its mass in short time. Our Solution provides free SMS triggering software which triggers Bulk SMS to the customers archived in the Database. We do adhere to TRAI regulations for promotional SMS.

A2P, A2A and P2A:

Our Solution Supports Application-to-Person SMS, A2A – Application to Application SMS and P2A – Person to Application SMS. We develop customize application like :- Interactive services, SMS Content, Vote or Poll or Feedback Manager, Survey Manager. Apart from this we do Keyword Management, Footer Management, Sub Keyword Manager.