mApps Audio Video Streaming Platform (mAVSP)

mAVSP provide rich quality Audio and Video Streaming of all types of supported Media content. mApps has ready to use platform hosted on Cloud. As broadband availability has increased and compression standards have become more efficient, streaming has become a popular way to publish high-quality live and on-demand videos.

How It Works

  1. It is the fastest way to go live in market with mApps AVSP platform and build & integrated Audio Video Publishing and Sharing platform.
  2. High performance solution for high loads. Scalability is not an issue as platform is already on Cloud and can be scalable as and when required.
  3. DRM and Piracy control feature help to protect CP content.
  4. Customization as per your Specific requirement is on cards and system is flexible to accommodate most of the streaming features.


  1. Audio Video Access from anywhere
  2. Streaming of content on WAP/WEB/APP/PC Client
  3. Digital Rights Management
  4. Geo Filtering
  5. Adaptive Streaming
  6. Monetization
  7. Publish 3rd Party Videos
  8. Comprehensive Reports

Where to Use it

  1. For Launching Branded Music Streaming Portal
  2. Movies on Demand
  3. Short Movies
  4. Online TV Shows
  5. For launching Video or Audio content App
  6. Content Delivery
  7. UGC Site

Need of Streaming

  1. Achieve Broader Reach
  2. Monetize content anywhere in the world
  3. Keep Content Secure
  4. Reduce data transfer cost
  5. Data accessibility cost has been reduced in many countries